Fikse Houtbriketten B.V. is located in the east of the netherlands and is the largest manufacturer of Pini Kay wood briquettes in Europe. Our briquettes are produced according to the DIN ISO EN 17225-3 standard. The raw material of our Pini Kay wood briquettes comes from sawmills close to our factory. The sawdust is filtered and sieved to create a perfect raw material for our Pini Kay wood briquettes.

Our Pini Kay briquettes are made from hard woods such as beech and oak . During the production the sawdust is compressed under very high pressure into high-quality Pini Kay wood briquettes. Fikse Houtbriketten B.V. uses no additives and that makes our Pini Kay briquettes very sustainable and CO2 -neutral.

Fikse Houtbriketten B.V.
Bedrijvenpark Twente 127
7602 KE Almelo
The Netherlands
Phone: +31 546 648 391